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Did you ever had to reboot your pc because of a Windows update was in course, but you didn’t want to reboot because you had a lot of files opened where you were working on it? Well, it happened to me…a lot…

That’s why I created the Quick Run Adder, a free portable software…

What does it do? It’s simple, imagine that you have MS Outlook open, a Word and an Excel document open, and also your favorite music player, but you need to  reboot Windows because of an update (or any other reason). With Quick Run Adder you just add those Word and Excel documents, MS Outlook and your music player to the Windows Startup, then when you logon into Windows, those documents and applications will open automatically.

Quick Run Adder

Will this documents/apps open everytime I logon into my Windows account?

The answer is no…And also yes… You can choose what to do! You can choose to only start those documents/apps one time, or everytime the system reboots.

Take a time to download and test this application, you will realize that is very easy to work with. 

Quick Run Adder
Quick Run Adder
Version: 1.0
285.6 KB


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