(Information Pages) OpenCart Extension to Copy English Text to All Languages, Generate Meta Title and Meta Description + SEO Keyword

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What is OpenCart and SEO?

OpenCart is a very versatile e-commerce platform available for anyone who wants to start an online store. However, it lacks some basic features and simple tasks.

That is why OpenCart has extensions, with the power of OpenCart extensions you can create a very professional web store with all the features you need.

Today I am presenting you a simple but very handy extension for OpenCart version (it might work with other 2.x versions as well).

Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and SEO keywords have a big impact on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) used by search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

It’s very time consuming and boring to create meta titles, meta descriptions and SEO keywords.

What does this extension do?

This extension will work in a very similar way to this extension for OpenCart products, but it’s used for OpenCart information pages instead.

This mod will place three buttons on information (edit/create) pages in Administration area. One button to copy all English text to other languages, another button to generate Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions, and a button for SEO keyword.

Meta descriptions and titles, along with SEO keywords will be filled in using information from category title and description.

The button to copy English texts will copy the following fields to all available languages: title, description, keywords, meta title, meta description and product tags.

All meta keywords are invisible to visitors, but they are exposed to search engine robots that crawl/come to your website like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

This will increase your free time by speeding up this tedious process.


To install and use this extension in your website do the following:

1 – Download VQMod for OpenCart from it’s official website here: https://github.com/vqmod/vqmod/releases/ and install it.

2 – Upload the .xml file inside the ZIP file you’ll download from our online shop, to your XML folder inside VQMOD folder.

3 – Add or edit a product in your OpenCart administration area and you’ll see two new buttons to use.

If you want this extension, please click here to open our shop to download this extension.

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