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The Alin name comes from a combination of two Portuguese words, “Alerta” and “Intrusão” which means “Alert” and “Intrusion”. The Alin it’s one of my first and unfinished utilities I made when I started in the world of programming. The main objective of Alin it’s to protect your computer from unauthorized access while you leave it alone for a period of time. I know that Windows can make this too, but Windows it’s a little features less… I will explain…

This version you are seeing at the screenshot it’s the first version of Alin and don’t even has an options screen yet. However I have many plans for this tool and I’ve started working in the options screen as you can see in the screenshot bellow.

I know this is in Portuguese and most of you don’t know Portuguese, but I can assure you that the next release will be fully in English, so everyone can understand and use it. This is in beta stage and subject to modifications, so what you are seeing here might not be the final screen.

For those who doesn’t understand what it’s written in the options screen I will translate some things/features for you:

The first tab stands for Appearance, where you can personalize the  text shown when the Alin it’s activated, deactivated or when an intrusion is detected. Also you can change the title of Alin in title bar.

In the same tab you can also personalize the buttons for “Activate Alarm” and “Deactivate Alarm”. You can even change the “STOP” image for any image you want to, or just use a black screen instead of using an image.

The next tab it’s the Settings tab, in this tab there are a lot of options you can set, like disable the Windows Task Manager while Alin is activated to prevent users from closing it. You also have an option to start with Windows, take a photo when an intrusion is detected, send an email, write a log file, set the time before the alarm fires and many, many others.

The third tab stand for Email Definitions where you can set your email SMTP settings and write the message that will be sent to your email.

The fourth tab it’s for Alin translation, to anyone who want to translate it for their own language.

Next we have the Intrusion Report where the log of intrusions will be stored. In that same tab you can manage your report. You can clear, export or print the report.

The last one is, as you can read, the ChangeLog, which contains all changes made to Alin from the very first version.

I’m not telling you all the features here, but there’s more for the next release, for example, changing the sound of the Alarm for any other sound you want to, etc etc.

Please let me now what do you think about this utility leaving a comment bellow. 

Due to lack of comments or emails, I assume this app is not needed by most of you. Also because I am very short in time I am not planning to go further with this application. If a considerate amount of people ask me to carry on developing this application, I might change my mind meanwhile in the future.

Anyway, you are free to download, use and distribute this application.

Intrusion Alert aKa Alin
Intrusion Alert aKa Alin
Version: 1.0
610.9 KB

*This may not work on XP because this utility uses transparency which is not supported by XP. Not officially tested. Only tested on Windows 7 Ultimate.


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