Password Protect Folders with the updated Protect Folder v3.2

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If you’re here for the first time, Protect Folder is a free software to lock and block your folders access with or without password. This will avoid curious people from accessing your private folders and also keep it safe from virus. Use it to block your videos, images, documents or any other content from curious eyes!

Protect Folder integrates into the folders context menu in order to quickly help you locking/protect and unlocking/unprotect folders!

Since Protect Folder version 3.0 we introduced a new feature so long awaited by all Protect Folder users, the possibility to recover your lost passwords!

Now you just need to enter a recover email address and if you forget your password you’ll be able to recover it using your email address.

Protect Folder v3.2 screenshot


Protect Folder v3.x is free of charge, however, it has some Premium features and you’ll need a license to use them. If you wish to get a license please click here.

Here are the modifications to this new version of Protect Folder:

Protect Folder v3.x is available for free, but if you wish to extend it’s features you can unlock all features with a license that you can get here.

Here are the differences between Premium and Free versions of Protect Folder v3.x

Comparision Chart

FIXED: Sending emails – There was an issue with the “send email” feature in case you forgot your password, due to server updates. Now it’s fixed.

NEW: Check “working directory” – If the “working directory” was deleted after being used by Protect Folder, when you open Protect Folder again this could give an error while trying to protect a folder. Now Protect Folder with check if the selected “working folder” exists before continue.

NEW: Protect Folder Updater – With this new update system, you won’t have to do the file moving manually. Just press the update button and let Protect Folder work for you automatically.

  • Unfortunately Protect Folder v3.0 and above can’t recover passwords from folders protected with previous versions of Protect Folder, this is because this is a new feature added to Protect Folder v3.0 and above.
  • If you try to protect a folder with only a 0 byte file it will show the ErrorX25, this is not really important because if a file has 0 byte it means it has no information at all. However if you think this is important to you, just request this feature using the contact form or the comments bellow.
  • Using the TAB key with protect folder is not very user friendly due to some issues with the skin.

You can choose 2 different files to download: Full install or Portable.

Please choose the appropriate tab to download your version.

Download this file to fully install Protect Folder in your computer. This will create a shortcut in your desktop, so you can easily open Protect Folder.

Protect Folder Setup v3.2
Protect Folder Setup v3.2
Version: 3.2
1.8 MB

This download is a ZIP file containing Protect Folder and two Windows API DLL’s needed by Protect Folder. You need to keep all 3 files on the same folder.

Protect Folder v3.2 (portable-with-dlls)
Protect Folder v3.2 (portable-with-dlls)
Version: 3.2
1.2 MB

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Protect folder is available in other languages, click  here to download your language for free!
(If you want to translate Protect Folder to your language, just click here to know more!)

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