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Upgrade Protect Folder from v2 to v3

Upgrade Protect Folder License

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Upgrade your Protect Folder v2/2.1 license to Protect Folder 3.0

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If you already bought a license for Protect Folder 2 or Protect Folder 2.1 you can upgrade your license for the new version of Protect Folder.

This upgrade is only valid for anyone who bought a license before 1/Jan/2016, you will need to provide your name and email address you used when you bought your license for Protect Folder version 2/2.1. You will also need to provide the Protect Folder 2/2.1 license that we sent you through email previously.


Upgrade Protect Folder from v2 to v3

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You’ll get all of this features when you upgrade to Protect Folder 3.0

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