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This is a simple extension for OpenCart to show how many users have viewed a product and how many users are watching* a product.

How does this works?

This extension will count every visit to the product’s page and work in this pattern:

If the number of the product visualizations is less than 1, nothing will be shown to the user, if the visualizations are equal or less than 7 this will show the text “X Users watching this product”*, where the X is a number between 2 and 7 based on the visualizations number. If the visualizations are equal or greater than 8 the text “Viewed X times” will be showed to the user, where X is the number of visualizations for the product.

*Showing the text “X Users watching this product” will gain confidence from your customers and lead to sales, because they know someone else is interested in that specific product(s). Let’s say you have just 2 products in stock, if a user sees 5 people watching, this might lead the user to buy your product faster, by impulse, to avoid loosing this product to another user.

All of this numbers and texts can be easily changed if you edit the .XML file included in the ZIP file. This means you can edit this to suit your needs and show the user the text you want, and based on the visualizations number you decide.

To install and use this extension in your website do the following:

1 – Download VQMod for OpenCart from it’s official website here: and install it.

2 – Upload the .xml file inside the ZIP file you’ll download from our online shop, to your XML folder inside VQMOD folder.

3 – Add or edit a product in your OpenCart administration area and you’ll see two new buttons to use.

If you want this extension, please click here to open our shop to download this extension.

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