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18 Feb

Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner

Freeware / DonationwareWith 2 comments

A couple days ago i went to clean my keyboard to remove dust, but my computer was turned on. Because i couldn’t shut it down, or don’t want to because i had some files and programs opened, i wasn’t able to clean the keyboard at that time, because if i did i would mess it up when i was pressing keys while cleaning…

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03 Jan

Protect Folder v2

Freeware / Donationware, SoftwareWith 9 comments

  [Updated to v3.0] Click here to go to Protect Folder v3.0 download page! [Updated to v2.1] Protect folder was updated to version 2.1. Were made some modifications in source code to fix some errors in licensing. The multi-language option was removed and some other minor details were changed as well. Download now Protect Folder

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19 Jul

Protect Folder v1

Freeware / DonationwareWith 7 comments

Protect Folder is, as the name suggests, a software to protect folders. I made this for testing purposes and this is far from being finished. It’s in a very basic stage but works. This is very simple to use, click at the button, choose the folder to protect and that’s it, you can’t access folder

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