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The new improved version of TeamViewer Popup Killer is here!

If you already tried our TeamViewer Popup Killer to close those annoying “Sponsored session” popups from TeamViewer remote software, you know what this little software is capable of doing!

TeamViewer Popup Killer v2.2

For those who are here for the first time, in short, TeamViewer Popup Killer is a little non intrusive software that will close all the “Sponsored session” window left behind by TeamViewer when you terminate a connection.

What’s new?
In this new version it’s now possible to close the “File Transfer Session” popup automatically (still in experimental phase), as suggested in the comments by the user Steve Harris.

The text showing how much time you saved with this program, now is shown in a more neat way.

A new preset was added in German language (Thank you Nadine Bohr) that will allow to work with the German version of TeamViewer. (Don’t forget that this can be used in any language of TeamViewer, you just need to activate and set up the custom title options in settings.)

TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2 Options Screen

Some other corrections were made internally to fix some issues, if you want to know details, check the change log included in the “About” tab of TeamViewer Popup Killer.

This program is free to use, however, if you use and like this, please consider doing a small donation to give your support and encourage me to keep giving you free software. If all people who use this application could at least donate just 1 dollar/euro/pound/etc this would help keeping up with the costs to maintain this website. Think about it 😉

For each donation over 5 dollars you can ask for a new feature!!

If you found a bug, or just to say thank you, please leave your comment bellow.

Download TeamViewer Popup Killer bellow…

Help me to keep this apps free, please donate!

TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2
TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2
Version: 2.2
472.0 KB

If the above version do not work on Windows XP, download the version bellow instead:

Team Viewer Popup Killer XP Version
Team Viewer Popup Killer XP Version
Version: 2.2
471.9 KB

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