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The YouTube Player was made as a request of a fan with the nickname Fashion_Andra. She loved so much a music that she wanted a program to keep looping a YouTube video/music to listen several times.

So the main feature of this YouTube Player is to make the video looping again and again.

This is a very basic application yet. Paste the YouTube URL and press the ENTER key (Return key) to load video into the application. Check the box Loop if you want to loop the video/music and click the blue arrow for full screen view.

The check box labeled with “Iniciar programa com o último vídeo visto” means “Start program with last viewed video” which will save the last URL and load it next time the programs is executed.

Due to lack of comments or emails, I assume this app is not needed by most of you. Also because I am very short in time I am not planning to go further with this application. If a considerate amount of people ask me to carry on developing this application, I might change my mind meanwhile in the future.

Anyway, you are free to download, use and distribute this application.

YouTube Player
YouTube Player
Version: 1.0
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